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Our Mission

The mission of the San Diego Museum Council (SDMC) is to increase awareness, connect, provide services, and advocate for the diverse museums within its membership. With more than 40 members, the Council strives to be a sustainable, prominent, and influential organization that represents San Diego County's museum community.

Who We Are

The San Diego Museum Council traces its roots to Balboa Park in the 1920s. The organization brought together the directors of museums in the Park to discuss topics of interest, work collaboratively on programs, and solve issues such as parking and signage. The organization was officially incorporated in 1977. By 2001, the Council had outgrown Balboa Park to include 21 museums and that number has risen to 43 museums today.

What We Do

The San Diego Museum Council provides support services to the museum industry in management, resource networking, advocacy, professional education, and promotional opportunities. SDMC connects thousands of people to arts and culture annually—many disadvantaged without any other access—through reduced cost programming. Devoted to building the future of the cultural scene in San Diego, the Council focuses on collaboration and generating unique and accessible visitor experiences for the public to enjoy. In 2015, the programs of the Council served more than 50,000 museum-goers.

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