You don’t have to be in Balboa Park to feel the buzz of the Balboa Park Centennial celebration. 2015 marks the 100 year anniversary of the Panama-California Exposition of 1915-1916, an international fair presented in one of the nation’s largest urban parks, San Diego’s Balboa Park. Museums and cultural centers all around San Diego are presenting exhibitions throughout the year honoring not only Balboa Park but also, the people that helped develop the city, and the artifacts that provide tangible evidence to our collective history. Enjoy learning about the cultural and artistic heritage of San Diego through these exhibitions. For additional information on Centennial celebration happenings and more details on the following listings visit
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San Diego's National Park commemorates Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo's 1542-1543 West Coast exploration, Point Loma's 19th c. lighthouses and San Diego's WWII coast defenses, and protects sensitive tide pools and coastal sage scrub habitat.

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