Fossil Mysteries

June 02, 2008 through June 02, 2020

From dinosaurs to mastodons, discover the rich fossil history of our region by visiting Fossil Mysteries at the San Diego Natural History Museum (theNAT). In this major exhibition, created by the ...

Coast to Cactus in Southern California

January 17, 2015 through January 31, 2019

What’s a grizzly bear doing on the beach? We’re glad you asked.

It’s one of the first things you’ll see when you visit the new exhibition at theNAT: Coast to Cactus in Southern California. ...

Extraordinary Ideas from Ordinary People: A History of Citizen Science

August 20, 2016 through August 20, 2020

On August 20, the San Diego Natural History Museum (theNAT) will unveil a new, permanent exhibition titled Extraordinary Ideas from Ordinary People: A History of Citizen Science in the new Eleanor ...

ART OF THE AMERICAS - Pre-Columbian Art from Mingei's Collection

September 16, 2017 through February 18, 2018

More than 125 objects used by people from the ancient cultures of Mexico, Central and South America. Objects range from those made for ritual and ceremonial use to objects for domestic use.

A rare ...

KANTHA - Recycled and Embroidered Textiles of Bengal

October 28, 2017 through March 25, 2018

Over 40 traditional folk textiles created from recycled garments—intricately embroidered with vivid, colorful and imaginative designs.

Rust and Ruin

January 20 through April 08, 2018

Rust and Ruin showcases the sculptural textile art of Colorado artist Regina Benson. Benson uses various techniques of textile rusting for works that stand freely on the ground, hang off the ceili ...

Felted Gardens

January 20 through April 08, 2018

Felted Gardens by Erma Martin Yost was described in a catalog essay by Lois Martin, “Like a glimpse of a forest out a window, or of a garden behind a gate, they play with geometric pattern again ...

The Nature of Things

January 20 through April 08, 2018

The Nature of Things features the contemporary art quilts of New Mexico artist Betty Busby and Illinois artist Jane Sassaman. Both artists have won multiple awards in national and international ex ...

California Women's Clubs

February 02 through April 01, 2018

California Women's Clubs: An agent for progress and community in the 20th century

Explore the history of the Women's Clubs Movement. What started off as social gatherings and book clubs grew ...

Women in Leadership Reception Honoring "Silence Breaker" Adama Iwu

February 22, 2018

The Women's Museum of CA is hosting our 2nd Annual Women in Leadership Awards event supporting the museum. We'll be honoring the brave women behind the #MeToo and #WeSaidEn ...

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