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Rust and Ruin

January 20 through April 08, 2018

Rust and Ruin showcases the sculptural textile art of Colorado artist Regina Benson. Benson uses various techniques of textile rusting for works that stand freely on the ground, hang off the ceili ...

Felted Gardens

January 20 through April 08, 2018

Felted Gardens by Erma Martin Yost was described in a catalog essay by Lois Martin, “Like a glimpse of a forest out a window, or of a garden behind a gate, they play with geometric pattern again ...

The Nature of Things

January 20 through April 08, 2018

The Nature of Things features the contemporary art quilts of New Mexico artist Betty Busby and Illinois artist Jane Sassaman. Both artists have won multiple awards in national and international ex ...

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Contemporary art quilts and textiles are vibrantly displayed at this unique museum located at Liberty Station in San Diego.